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Man's silk waistcoat
Silk satin brocade. The design is woven with silk, silk chenille and silver metal threads. Shaped during weaving to include border design. Linen back, buttons embroidered with silver threads.
700 mm length centre back; 960 mm waist; 410 mm shoulder
Collection of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Given 1974 by Madam Stuart Stevenson of Edinburgh.
This waistcoat from the Gallery’s costume collection, which would have been worn under a longer unbuttoned cut-away frock coat with knee-length breeches, gives a glimpse of the richly woven and embroidered costume worn by men of wealth during the later 18th century. This is one of three waistcoats in the collection belonging to Sir John Stuart of Castlemilk, Lanarkshire, Scotland about 1780. It is finely hand-stitched from woven silk brocade with floral motifs woven into the ground fabric in coloured silks, silk chenille and silver threads. Two pockets with decorated flaps and a set of buttons embroidered in silver thread complete the decoration. Lined with plain silk, it has a linen back.
The donor was a family connection of the royal Stuarts, and her loan of decorative arts and paintings (from four generations of the Stuart family) was confirmed officially as a gift to the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, by letter, in January 1974.

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