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Hodgkins, Frances Mary (New Zealand, b.1869, d.1947), Artist
Mangolds, Purbeck
540 x 574 mm
Collection of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Purchased 1971 with funds from the Dunedin Public Art Gallery Society
Mangolds are a variety of beet with a large, coarse, pale yellow root which is chopped up and used for cattle and horse feed in the winter. (Mangold is also known as mangel-wurzel, which means root for time of need, and although not particularly palatable is edible for humans too.) A pile of mangolds, pulled from the soil, cleaned and waiting to be stored, may not be as beautiful as the cascades of fruit Frances had painted in European markets, but are impressive nonetheless. The farmyard with its plain buildings; the patient horse waiting to be fed before starting work in the fields; the outline of trees and a church roof against the wet sky with an arching rainbow – all these she paints with a simple and direct charm.

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